English Pointer: Special for education

There are easy and difficult aspects in the education of an English pointer, which are mainly related to his attitude. Read below why it is usually only possible to raise this dog well under certain conditions. The English Pointer is not easy to train as a hunting dog - Image: Shutterstock / Jeffrey B. Banke

As with any other dog, dog training with the English pointer should be started early, namely while the dog is still in the puppy age. Consistent training and flawless socialization are the basic conditions for the four-legged friend from Great Britain to become a reliable, loving companion - in the hands of a hunter, he will quickly train the desired behavior.

Requirements for the good education of the English Pointer

Basically, nothing stands in the way of this four-legged friend's good upbringing. He is cooperative, smart and very attached to his owner. It is easy to train him as a good hunting dog. On the other hand, raising him as a reliable city or family dog ​​is something for professionals. The dog's sensitivity requires the right tone: if it wants to become independent due to its hunting instinct, rigor and toughness are not the right way to reach it. Nevertheless, his owner must be very consistent with him and expect that the dog's hunting instinct will not be switched off for a lifetime, but can only be channeled. To do this, the dog must be professionally and variedly employed and given a replacement task.

Possible difficulties with this dog

Working with a good dog trainer is usually a good idea even for experienced dog owners, if only to really do justice to the hunting dog. His sensitivity and the above-average level of attention are reasons why the British Pointing Dog can also react more strongly to environmental stimuli that leave other dogs calm. Nervous behavior, barking, and possibly also deviations from his good dog training are possible if too many stimuli hit him and unsettle him.