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Educate Dalmatians: You have to pay attention to this

The Dalmatian is a very lively dog ​​and if you want to have it well under control, you have to start with a perfect upbringing early. Various things should be considered. This little Dalmatian puppy still has a lot to learn - Image: Shutterstock / Dora Zett

To ensure that the upbringing of a Dalmatian is successful, first of all his housing conditions must be right. His lively character and the need to run should definitely be met. A lot of exercise and activity, ideally through dog sports, are important prerequisites for dog training to run like clockwork.

Consistent training with the Dalmatian

Too harsh treatment is never the right means to an end or a good upbringing for this dog: the beautiful large four-legged friend with the characteristic dot pattern is very sensitive and known to shut down if he is treated too strictly. Work with a lot of praise and positive reinforcement to convey to the pedigree dog that it is fun to be good.

The Dalmatian has a lot of self-confidence and a strong protective instinct. These characteristics and his vigilance are reasons why a representative of this breed has to be particularly aware that his people are the leading role, and not him.

Make the ranking clear and set clear rules

Dominance problems must be prevented from the start, which means the dog must never doubt that you are making the decisions. In the dog school you will be provided with tips and tricks if you have problems with your four-legged friend in this regard.

Dalmatian pictures: dog with nice black dots

For a dog who likes to check the ranking, it is particularly important that all members of the family agree on what the pet is allowed to do and what is not. Everyone must then make sure that the Dalmatian also adheres to these rules consistently. Even if only one person lets him go through something all the time, this can cause sustainable ranking problems.