Dog jumps on the couch: training tips

There are various reasons why a dog shouldn't be on the couch - if he jumps up nonetheless, luckily you can usually train him off easily. You can find a few tips here. Not wanted in every household: lying on the couch - Image: Shutterstock / Michelle D. Milliman

If a dog jumps on the couch all the time, there are several ways to get it off. Before using a dog trainer, you can try a few simple tricks to get the problem under control.

Dog jumps on the couch: Consistently send it down

If your dog jumps on the couch and makes himself comfortable there, simply make it clear to him that he is not allowed to do this by immediately putting him down again. You don't scold or say anything else. If your pet tries again, do the same thing again until they understand that the effort is not worth it and they can jump on the cozy piece of furniture on their own.

More training tips

In addition, you can also try to make the sofa uninteresting for your dog thanks to exciting alternatives. A cozy new dog bed near the couch, and therefore yours too, can work wonders - some animals also find a slightly higher sleeping space particularly nice. A slightly more uncomfortable variant would be to make the sofa inaccessible for so long - especially if you don't have it in view - until your loyal friend gives it up and looks for another nice place.

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Two inverted chairs on the seat are suitable options, for example. It is also important that your pet should not learn that it is worth begging with you: Even if your four-legged friend tries to convince you that he is allowed to sit on the sofa with the most faithful look or whimper - you remain consistent.