Meet Ozzy, the playful mouse weasel

Small, lively and very playful: That is Ozw mouse weasel. The tiny Findel-Racker is in a good mood and seems to think little of the fact that its owner is dealing with the computer instead of playing with it ...

With its lively nature and playful character, the funny fur nose in the movie has now become a small video star. No wonder, because seeing a mouse weasel up close is something very special. Usually the tiny forest dwellers only dash through nature and that's where they belong.

The fact that Ozzy grows up close to humans is an absolute exception: he was found as a baby animal and was dependent on human help. In addition, weasels - as cute as they look - are not pets. As predators, they can only pursue their natural behavior and way of life in nature and taming them is almost impossible.

This is how the mouse weasel lives