How to hold the playful Korat cat

The posture of the Korat cat is not too complicated. Anyone who offers her a quiet, loving home, plays a lot with her and knows how important an animal companion is for this cat breed can hardly do anything wrong. Playing, romping, sneaking: that's fun for the Korat cat - Image: Shutterstock / PJjaruwan

If you want to buy a Korat cat, you don't have to worry too much about the premises. The adaptable beauty from Asia feels just as comfortable in an apartment as in the house, but also does not say no to access if she is offered one.

Attitude as a house cat or a free litter

If you keep her as a purely domestic cat, you should offer her enough space and consider that the four-legged friend is one of the more active cat breeds. Many playing and climbing opportunities are just as important to her as the playing time she wants to spend with her owners. The friendly velvet paw will also be happy to take you outside. She is curious and very interested in her environment and her need for exercise, of course, she can do wonderfully outdoors.

Family connection for the Korat cat

A close family connection is very important to the cat with the gray-blue fur. With her empathetic nature, she does a lot to ensure that the relationship with her people runs harmoniously: How quickly she integrates into everyday life will probably surprise her owners.

If you keep them in a household with children, you have a reliable and cuddly play partner in the Korat cat - but you should definitely familiarize your offspring with the gentle and species-appropriate handling of cats. The friendly Korat cat also defends itself if it gets too much for her.

Second cat is almost indispensable

An animal partner with whom the exotic woman gets on well is important, because as much as she is attached to her people, so little can they replace her cuddly and play partner on four paws.

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Perhaps there is already a pair of siblings in the litter from which you want to choose your kitten that gets on particularly well? Such a team is almost always a good idea.