Scottish Fold - a friendly domestic cat

The Scottish Fold is a cat with an incredibly gentle, lovable character. Her playful characteristics also guarantee that it will never get boring with her. Quiet, friendly, playful: The Scottish Fold - Image: Shutterstock / LeniKovaleva

Anyone who wants to keep the Scottish Fold in a loving, cozy environment is well advised with her. With her friendly character, she is a great fit for people who want a quiet, friendly roommate.

Scottish Fold: Dear, cuddly character

The Scottish fold likes it cozy. She is an incredibly cuddly animal that loves and enjoys contact with humans and animals. Cuddles and cuddles are very close to her heart and the calm look is one of her most striking features. The gentle, trusting animal is in good hands in families, but also feels at home with individuals who have plenty of time for them. If you are looking for a child-loving cat, this cat breed is also well advised.

A sociable discoverer

The Scottish Fold loves the contact with its peers and is considered very tolerable and sociable. Even with dogs, many representatives of this breed do not have a hard time. It is important, however, that both animal species either already know each other or are gently introduced to each other.

Scottish Fold: Quiet house tigers with a special look

The cat does not get bored despite her calm temperament. She is very interested in her environment and a little explorer. Playing and hunting are important to the skilful four-legged friend. Even as an adult cat, she never says no to a game unit - on the contrary, she is very happy about it. If you keep her as a freelancer, you will probably experience outside that she can get really hot - the same applies when chasing after your favorite toy!