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Getting puppies used to road traffic: tips

Walking in the forest is the most beautiful thing - nevertheless it is very important to get the puppy used to the traffic. Even if it is loud and turbulent there, he should listen to them well and not be afraid. The first walks are exciting for a puppy - Image: Shutterstock / Dariush M

With this part of dog training, your goal is to ensure that the urban environment becomes more and more familiar to your puppy over time. Nevertheless, he should remain careful there, take good care of you and know where to watch out. The first road trips are likely to be quite exciting for the little dog.

With the puppy on the street: First walks

The first time you take your puppy to the street, you should keep him on a leash and equipped with a break-proof collar or dog harness. Keep in mind that a whole bunch of new impressions are pounding on your little pet and you don't know how it responds to it. Start very slowly, with short walks on small, not so busy streets. If the four-legged friend stays calm, you can slowly expand the tours and sometimes take longer laps along livelier streets.

Important requirements

Your dog should master basic commands like “sit” and “stay”, even if he is walking on a leash. He should also listen to a command like "Come" when you go with him on the street. On the one hand, this is important so that you can call him in an emergency and calmly linger. On the other hand, so that you can also practice a little on the road, whether the commands with many distractions from loud noises and more work as well as without.

Your young dog should learn these basic commands

If you want to teach your young dog the basic commands, clarity, patience and consequence are ...

Also remember to always take good care of your puppy and not to feel sorry for him but to give him security. Of course, you should also pay special attention to dangerous situations and do not put your protege into them - after all, he should only have good experiences when it goes out into the big wide world.