Collie: Typical characteristics of the dog

The Collie is a beautiful dog with a gentle and affectionate character. He is considered uncomplicated, sensitive and balanced and is an incredibly loyal friend to his people. The Collie: A lively and friendly dog ​​- Image: Shutterstock / Anastasija Popova

As a famous representative of this dog breed, the film dog "Lassie" has already demonstrated: The Collie is a loyal soul and a companion dog that you can rely on. He would do anything for his beloved people and binds to them for a lifetime. He is not so interested in strangers, but shows his reluctance in a friendly way.

The Collie: smart and enthusiastic about learning

The intelligence of the Collie is amazing and ensures that it can learn an incredible amount. It also makes sense to take advantage of this, because the clever dog with the high level of comprehension wants to be occupied with demanding tasks. Tricks, tricks and the basics of dog training are usually not a problem for him with sensitive mediation, so that he learns at lightning speed. He is also very attentive and does not miss anything.

Compatible, watchful character

The Collie is a self-confident, quite independent and persistent dog who occasionally has his own head and is a little stubborn. Vigilance is also one of his strengths, so that house and farm are in good hands with him.

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When walking, you will experience him as tolerable, because he should also show himself reliably when you meet other dogs. Collies are child-friendly and, if you get used to them, are reliable buddies for other pets, such as cats. Appropriate socialization is, of course, a prerequisite for always showing himself at his best - but that should work well for him.