Exotic shorthair cat: easy-care pet

The exotic shorthair cat is a wonderful indoor cat. Their attitude is uncomplicated, because the calm, gentle and tolerable animal needs above all a lot of closeness to humans and animals to be happy. A cozy home: just the thing for the exotic shorthair cat - Image: Shutterstock / Studio 37

If you want to give a cat of this breed a nice home, you should take a lot of time for it, because this pretty kitty likes to cuddle for her life and likes to be close to her people. She is also known to be particularly attached to her people and would be unhappy if she is too much alone.

The exotic shorthair cat loves company

The exotic shorthair cat enjoys it when it is kept together with a companion. She also gets along well with dogs. In principle, whether it is held by an individual or a family is irrelevant to the adaptable velvet paw, the main thing for them is that their people have a lot of time for them.

Attitude in the apartment

You can keep the velvet paw very well in the apartment. Curious as she is, of course she has absolutely no objection to a secured balcony or free access - however, she usually copes wonderfully without the option to go outside.

Tips for employment and care

To keep her busy and happy, you should play a lot with the cute cat. Sometimes it takes a little to get going, but in itself it has a playful nature. You will make her happy with varied game ideas.

Exotic Shorthair Cat: Garfield's Relatives

In contrast to the fur of the Persian cat, the short-haired Exotin is easy to care for - brushing once or twice a week is enough.