The German Rex - a loving curly cat

It is not only its curly fur that makes the German Rex very special, but also its wonderful character. Calm but playful, affectionate and meek, it is an enrichment for people and animals. The German Rex is friendly, affectionate and brilliant - image: Shutterstock / Veera

The German Rex is one of the particularly clever breeds of cat. Anyone who wants to teach her tricks like retrieving will be amazed at how quickly she learns. But even those who observe them will quickly notice how intelligent and curious this rare beauty moves through everyday life on velvet paws. However, its most striking quality is probably its conviviality.

German Rex: A happy family animal

As a clingy, sociable paw, contact with humans and animals is very important to her. She quickly feels lonely and should not be kept alone. She likes to spend a lot of time with her people and loves to play, cuddle and be petted. Overall, she is more of a calm animal who likes to take it easy. The velvet paw is usually very patient and is also suitable for children. Scratching, biting and aggressiveness are not her way. She is a real family animal.

Sensitive, sensitive character

The short-haired cat from Germany can also have some headstrong features. She is a little sensitive, with whom you must not be too hard to handle - which should be a matter of course.

Cornish Rex - the cat with curls

The sensitive cat is very receptive to the moods of its owners and is known for making little jokes or comforting its people when they are sad. Even if she lives with several cats, the German Rex is very human-related.