Pomeranian: Loving, playful and clever

The pomeranian is a lively, attentive and very lively little dog. His cheerful character and his exuberant nature make him something very special. Cute, friendly, happy: The pomeranian has a sunny character - Image: Shutterstock / Sergey Lavrentev

If you buy a pomeranian, you have a cute, clever and very friendly dog ​​move in with you. Take a lot of time for your fluffy little protégé and they will make him happy.

Loving and affectionate character

The pomeranian is very affectionate and loves to spend a lot of time with its people. He is not only fond of children, but also a wonderful partner for them. To be alone is not his case. If you can't offer him a close family connection, you won't do justice to his human-related character - but if you're looking for a very loyal, loving four-legged friend with whom you can walk through thick and thin, you've come to the right place!

The Pomeranian: Smart and very learnable

The small, lively dog ​​is intelligent, learns quickly and likes to. Studying tricks with him and educating him is usually easy with him. Tip: Start with your protégé in puppy age, because during this time he is particularly capable of learning and it is exactly the right time to work on ensuring that his character traits only develop for the best.

Better little dog with watchful features

His confident but very friendly nature make this little guy particularly charming. Aggressive or shy behavior is normally never seen in well socialized and well-educated dwarf peaks.

Small fluffy contest: dogs vs. cats

Their nature is not shaped by a hunting instinct, but they usually take good care of the house and yard, because announcing visitors by barking is a matter of course for them.