Ragdoll tomcat Timo: "Christmas decoration is so great!"

Christmas is just around the corner and Ragdoll tomcat Timo knows that too. Together with its owner, the kitty found the decoration for the festival of love. And the velvet paw shows in this video that she works hard ...

Christmas is a lot of fun for Ragdoll tomcat Timo. Especially the decoration for the Christmas tree does not leave the cat alone, so she helps her owner unpack and look at the boxes. Then they play with the reindeer, check a snowball chain for tear resistance and inspect the box with the other utensils for the party.

And of course the Christmas tree must pass the test of tomcat Timo. After a long look, Die Miez seems to agree with the decoration and makes himself comfortable with the reindeer cuddly toy. Sweet! However, caution is advised: cats should only play with such objects under the supervision of their owner.

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