Borzoi: How do you train the dog?

In principle, the borzoi is an easily educated dog, because it has a friendly, self-confident and unruly character. Read here what you should look out for when training with your beautiful greyhound. His strong hunting instinct makes the good upbringing of a borzoi very important - Image: Shutterstock / Artur Zinatullin

No matter what you want to teach your borzoi: Remember that he is sensitive. With hardness and excessive rigor, you can achieve much less with him than with calm, patience and loving consistency. The sooner you start educating, the better.

Working with the borzoi puppy

That the dog is well socialized from an early age and has important experiences with dogs of all ages and sizes is just as elementary as getting to know different people, animals and surroundings. Even if the character is rather reserved, you shouldn't have a hard time with the borzoi when socializing and learning the basics, because the dog is fundamentally peaceful and neither too shy nor too dominant.

An important point in education: the hunting instinct

The borzoi is a passionate hunter and registers every movement with his incredibly good eyes. Despite his hunting instinct, he should be allowed to run without a leash because he loves to cover long distances at high speed.

Probably the most important point in education is: Your borzoi should listen to you very well, no matter how exciting anything else is. Even if his strong hunting instinct tempts him so much to chase, his calling should always be more important to him than a rabbit running away.

Greyhound: elegant and lightning fast

So here it means "practice, practice, practice" and that from puppy age. It is best to get a dog trainer at your side.

Appropriate husbandry is important for the dog

Make sure that your four-legged friend is always well occupied and able to fulfill his natural need to run a lot, because then you will normally experience him as very calm and balanced. This is of course a wonderful prerequisite for education.