Borzoi: Large Russian Greyhound

The borzoi has a good portion of hunting instinct, but a fine, friendly character. His nature makes him a wonderful family dog ​​with a very special charisma. Clever, meek character: The Borzoi - Image: Shutterstock / Nata Sdobnikova

The borzoi is a calm and relaxed dog. From his movements to his behavior, everything about him looks proud and dignified and when he has someone in his heart, he no longer leaves him.

Faithful and affectionate character: the borzoi

If you have a bit of dog experience, you have a wonderful family dog ​​in Borzoi. He is loyal, meek and lovable. He feels most comfortable with his people, to whom he is very attached.
On the other hand, he shows himself to strangers rather reserved and distant, he is not shy, but also not a daredevil. The same applies to his behavior towards dogs that he does not know and to which he usually prefers to keep a safe distance.

Smart dog with hunting instinct

The borzoi is a smart and docile dog that you can quickly teach. The most important thing for him, of course, is to learn that he can hear well, because the pronounced hunting instinct of this four-legged friend should not be underestimated.

Since he is a huge fan of moving forward at high speeds, it is important that the borzoi is not only walked on a leash, but is also allowed to run freely. It is therefore essential to educate him well from the start so that he can call him back if the worst comes to the worst.

Greyhound: elegant and lightning fast

At home, the dog is usually easy to care for and very adaptable. He is calm to inconspicuous and barely barks - so if he is in the right posture he is thoroughly a very nice, pleasant contemporary.