Keeping a Yorkshire Terrier: Tips

Proper, knowledgeable posture is very important to the Yorkshire Terrier. The small bundle of energy is only balanced if it is allowed to play, run and go on adventures a lot. Read here what you should consider. The clever, lively Yorkshire Terrier likes to play and learns quickly - Image: Shutterstock / Peter38

The Yorkshire Terrier can be kept relatively easily in an apartment due to its size, but then has to be busy with lots of exercise and toys, and kept in a good mood to be calm and balanced. If he is bored or he is poorly brought up, he can yell at other dogs and people through constant yelping and angry behavior.

Walk the Yorkshire Terrier

The silky little terrier should be run for at least three hours a day, spread over several tours. On the way, you should keep a very good eye on the self-confident dog, because it tends to play itself too much towards other dogs, but also towards people. Of course he shouldn't and learning to behave well is an important point during his dog training.

You should be especially careful when meeting other children. That the Yorkie looks a little like a toy dog ​​can lead to misunderstandings that it does not put up with. A little hunting instinct should also be included in the walk.

It is best to always take a ball or other dog toy that is suitable for outdoors with you on tour, because the Yorkshire Terrier is a fan of enjoying his play instinct from time to time, and that also wonderfully distracts him from pranking.

More care tips for the little dog

The cute four-legged friend normally doesn't mind wind and weather - however, after a walk in the rain, he should be dried off a bit and have a warm, draft-free place on the heating. In general, however, it is very robust.

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The Yorkie needs to be combed and brushed regularly, and its silky fur should also be freed of burdock.

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