Green cat intrigues residents of Bulgaria

A great mystery took place among the residents of the seaside resort of Varna, Bulgaria, during this week, making them suspicious of the existence of a new feline breed, until now completely unknown. Although the pussy in question is not very different from other better known breeds, it caught the attention for another very peculiar reason, since it is a green cat.

Highlighting a completely colored coat, the green cat that intrigued the Bulgarians generated a series of assumptions regarding its origin, and the assumptions that seemed to be closer to reality were divided between the possibility of a new feline breed having arisen or a group of individuals with bad intentions have dyed the animal's coat on purpose.

The news, released by the English tabloid The Mirror, shows the green feline in the streets of the Bulgarian seaside resort looking somewhat depressed, causing the population to further increase their suspicions that the pussy would have suffered at the hands of bad people. A special group was even created on Facebook to encourage the search for vandals who would have attacked the animal and make them pay for the crime.

However, about a day after the images were released, the mystery was solved, when some people intrigued by the animal's coloring decided to follow him to see where he slept. Contrary to all the assumptions developed from the appearance of the green cat, it was discovered that the coloring of its coat was this way because the animal slept in a garage on a pile that had synthetic green paint.

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Solving the mystery, the animal has become a kind of 'tourist spot' in the city, and is now followed by visitors to the resort as a major local attraction. Check out the exotic look of the green feline in the images in this article.

Pictures: The Mirror reproduction

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