Holy Burma: tips for keeping

The Holy Burma is a calm, very meek and social cat that feels particularly comfortable in a family home. You should keep this in mind when keeping this special and beautiful cat breed: A beautiful and loving family cat: The Holy Burma - Image: Shutterstock / Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

Her calm temperament makes Holy Burma a wonderful house and apartment cat. As long as she has enough space to climb, run around and play, she will be happy even if she doesn’t have access, but she definitely needs a lot of company to feel good.

Posture never alone: ​​Saint Burma is a very social cat

The fact that she is a good house cat does not mean that the Holy Burma is also suitable for people who are little at home. The sociable, human-related velvet paw feels most comfortable in the presence of its human and a conspecific. She often gets along with meek dogs, but should be carefully brought together with them.

If you want to allow your cat to go outside, you should think about fencing off your garden, because the gentle, valuable and very people-friendly Burma is sometimes almost too trustworthy to roam the neighborhood safely. In addition, it has no warming undercoat and is therefore not particularly well equipped against wind, weather and cold.

Burmese cat: the saint among the house tigers

Grooming of the Holy Burma

The lack of undercoat does not make the silky burma fur very warm, but it is easy to care for. It has no tendency to knot at all. For a Burma that is kept indoors, two to three care units with a brush and comb are therefore sufficient per week. Cuddly as they are, most Burmese cats love to be brushed. When changing fur, you should then brush her a little more often and make your time easier with a special feed or the addition of malt paste or cat grass.